(Medium) Versatile Infrared Heat-Pad


Our most versatile powered Heat-pad measures approx 19cm x 28cm weighing only 52g and can be slipped into any regular cushion turning it into a back-warmer with all the therapeutic values associated with deep penetrating, FIR heat rays.

It can also be used for reducing pain associated with joint problems, such as ankles, knees, shoulders and neck etc. (the pad will heat up to a maximum 50 degrees°).


nb. Do not be alarmed if  the Belt or Pad don’t feel warm to touch! this is normal once the FIR rays start to penetrate the body you will then feel the beneficial warmth from the product.

Attach pad to the lining of your favourite outdoor jacket, indoor jacket / cardigan or housecoat and quickly produce your own heated clothing   (the pad come with self-adhesive Velcro dots for securing into place) and a 1 metre long extension cable for your convenience).

For maximum heat and performance always remember to have the mesh fabric side pointing towards the body.

The pad is powered by a simple mobile phone charger indoors or power bank for outdoor use and where mobility is required. (not included)

Heat Pad can be used  every day for a month for 50 pence, yes 50 pence.

Heat the person not the room.

Be Prepared for power cuts our Heat Pad and Kidney Heat Belt will let you Feel The Warmth

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