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Jean Rooney holds the first generation FTW belt.

My name is Jean Rooney I am the Founder & Managing Director of Feel the Warmth CIC.

My husband and I have over 60 years experience (between us) in the design and manufacture of very high performance technical outdoor clothing.

After a near death experience of a loved one from hypothermia we decided to investigate the merits of heated clothing and found most of the products available today are produced in China; poorly designed, use “HOT WIRES or CARBON FIBRES” to heat their products (just like an old fashioned Tungsten element light bulb) inefficient, dangerous and unreliable.

We discovered a company in England who extrude Polymers and were able to develop a Polymeric Material that could turn a low voltage DC current (5v) into an intrinsically safe Fir (Far-infrared) producing heat source. Further research convinced us the simplest way to stop a person from being cold was to maintain vital “CORE BODY TEMPERATURE” and so the Powered Kidney Warmer was designed to heat the wearer’s Kidneys, warming the blood and allowing the arteries to distribute the warm blood around the body, even to the fingers and toes.

I would like to thank you personally for showing interest in our products and assisting us in our quest to reduce the amount of unnecessary deaths occurring from COLD related illnesses, due to a mixture of high fuel costs, Scottish winters, poor housing conditions, Dementia and rough sleeping.

Kindest regards,
Jean Rooney.