Infrared Kidney Warmer


This is our latest generation, Far-InfraRed (FIR) 5 Volt – Powered Kidney Warmer, it utilises the latest Polymeric technology (NOT HOT WIRES!) ensuring it is Intrinsically safe, super-efficient and cannot overheat.

The outer is constructed from a soft feel, 3-layer membrane technical fabric, which ensures high thermal retention and all-Day wearer comfort. It also incorporates an Extra-large FIR heating element which heats to 45/50 degrees centigrade and is positioned to direct the deep penetrating gentle heat rays to the kidneys which in turn heats the surrounding blood vessels thus maintaining the wearers “core body temperature” vital in cold conditions.

nb. Do not be alarmed if  the Belt or Pad don’t feel warm to touch! this is normal once the Fir rays start to penetrate the body you will then feel the beneficial warmth from the product.

Kidney Warmer is 12cm wide and weighs approx. 80grams

The FIR warmer is powered by any 5v Powerbank. (not included)

Be Prepared for power cuts our Heat Pad and Kidney Heat Belt will let you Feel The Warmth

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